The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction Meets Copywriting

And what a happy union it is! Why is it so important to incorporate the Law of Attraction into your marketing plan and your copywriting? It could mean the difference of hundreds or thousands of dollars…The difference between customers and life-long clients…If you think the Law of Attraction is just for dreamers, think again. Let me tell you why.

By now, I’m sure most of you have heard about the Law of Attraction. It’s been brought into mainstream public attention due largely to “The Secret,” and many people have latched on to this truth and begun to live their lives by it. However, there will always be skeptics out there and those who would never think to integrate a seemingly If you believe you’re in the business of making floss, or selling life insurance idealistic theory into their personal lives- let alone their professional environment.

I, on the other hand, full-heartedly believe and practice the law of attraction and think that is has a very significant presence in business. If properly harnessed and employed, it can make the difference between “being” in business and “thriving” in business.

On the surface, it might seem like the two have nothing to do with each other. Vision boards, positive thoughts, and daily gratitude exercises are great ideas and inspiring concepts, but how can these be applied to a corporate setting. Surely, you and your employees aren’t going to sit around in boardrooms crafting vision boards from magazine clippings. Though, perhaps that wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

But let’s think about this on a deeper level. “Thoughts become things.” “What you put out into the world you get back.” To begin, let’s take your product or your service. In your field, you strive to give your customers, your clients, and the world the best possible product or service that is in your power. I hope you do, anyhow. You think of your end-user and how they will benefit from what it is that you do. Hopefully, their lives will be at least a little bit better because you’ve solved their problem.

This is true even if you manufacture something simple like floss. At the core of what a floss manufacturer does is creating a product that improves a person’s self-esteem. Think about that. If you think that good floss merely gets food out of people’s teeth more comfortably and effectively than another brand, think again. (But that is another article.)

The higher the quality of the product you put out, the better return you’ll receive. If you see yourself in the business of helping people, you are already one step ahead of the competition. If you believe you’re in the business of making floss, or selling life insurance, or fixing cars, or a Copyright Policy, you’re wrong. You’re thinking too superficially, and you will never get the return you’re looking for in your business.

Give good service and you will get good business. But this is only step one. Lots of people give good service and make a great product without making a profit equivalent to the value they provide. The Law of Attraction is again at work, this time in your marketing-copywriting specifically. Here’s how you can make us of it

Here is where a good product or service can go bad-In the presentation. Remember that you’re in the business of helping people. Somehow, someway, the “thing you do” exists to help people. But if you don’t tell them, they don’t know. And if you don’t tell them the right way, they won’t listen.

Words are essentially thoughts. These thoughts are going to manifest into things. So it’s imperative that these words are good, accurate, and geared toward your target customer. When your company is obsessed with its customer, when the customer is all that you think about, you will attract that customer. When you try to lure your customer in with promotion based language, lofty descriptions of yourself, and vague assertions, that is what you’ll get. It’s more dangerous than you think when you choose your words carelessly.

The promotion based language (or “hype”) will land you the customers searching for promotions, deals and bargains, not YOUR specific services. And when you run out of promotions, deals and bargains, you customers will scatter like ants once the spilled soda is cleaned up. Loyalty will be that much harder to achieve.

Mere descriptions of your services will get you clients who are looking for those services, but they won’t find your “ideal” customer. And when YOUR list of services, the headings that say YOUR services are best, and YOUR qualifications and experience are placed next to one of your competitors, there will be nothing to separate you. If the customer chooses you, it will be purely by chance-leaving business that could be guaranteed, up for grabs.

State what you want. Tell your audience exactly what you can do for them in language they understand. Use the exact language they would use. Market as if you were your customer. Don’t assume you know your customer until you talk to them. You might find you’re asking for a consumer that doesn’t exist.

If the goal of your marketing and copywriting is to get business, you’re thinking about the wrong thing. Contrary to what it looks like, the goal of “getting business” is a negative thought. It implies that you’re not getting enough business. That you need “some” or “more.”

The thing you should be thinking is, “How can we help our customer better than we are now?” or “How can we better convey to our target audience how much we can help them?” If you believe in what you offer and genuinely feel that you can help people in some capacity, and you don’t tell them, you are essentially stealing from them.

Think constantly about your “ideal” customer. Please them, and then talk to them like a friend; they will come. You will have attracted them.

The Law of Attraction
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Workshops and Training Courses

Workshops and Training Courses

Workshops and Training Courses

APA offers over 200 training courses, workshops and seminars. Members of the APA can take advantage of special discounted rates for all educational programs

Payroll Tax Facts Fast
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  • Do you know what one late pension payment to a union cost?
  • Did you know that close to one-third of the companies in the United States are currently considering acquisition of a new system to process the payroll? And that the research done, the conversion team formed and the choices made could result in saving a company hundreds of dollars each year?

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Payroll Professional Status
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Determined to Address City’s Problems

Determined to Address City’s Problems

Determined to Address City’s Problems

Determined to Address City’s Problems

Determined to Address City's Problems

Cracked sidewalks, no grocery store in close proximity to the east side, vacant lots and drainage problems — these are some of the serious infrastructure problems that still plague Temple. Hike-and-bike trails and substantial downtown residential living — these are some of the desired things still absent. However, Temple City Council is determined to rid and address those problems through various projects included in the long-term strategic plan. “What we need to do is raise the standards for all of our communities,” said City Manager Mark Watson. A vision of the best education, jobs and quality of life, and the mission — Choose Temple — serve as the backdrop for the 15- to 20-year “road map for growth.” City Hall’s official policy on quality of life states: “Delivery of services that maintain a community of high standards and desirability.” In other words, it wants to make Temple look better. The city bears the brunt of policy direction and implementation to realize the ambitious goal, while the citizens are largely responsible for taking on and maintaining it. One such responsibility as of late, is the communities’ own enforcement of codes and appearance.

The east side and north side are already designated target areas, with both communities holding volunteer neighborhood cleanups. The area of 57th Street, Avenue R and Avenue T, east toward 31st Street has recently been targeted as well. Behind the scenes, the city’s strategic plan calls for a weaving of partnerships between various city departments, including Planning and Zoning, Utilities, Parks and Leisure Services and the city manager’s office to improve communities’ appearance, standards, safety, amenities, transportation and environmental quality. The Parks and Leisure Services Department will play an integral part in making the city look better, said PALS Director Ken Cicora.

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